These 5 Hilarious Part Switch Videos Will Make You Fall Down Laughing

Every second of these is comedy gold!

Choreography videos are always popular among K-Pop fans, and it’s easy to see why. Watching the way idols perform their complex dances outside of their stage performances can be super fun.

TWICE have many dance practice videos

What’s even more fun, though, is watching group members try to handle each other’s parts in a “part switch” video! As idols are often only able to memorize their own parts and places in formation, it’s hilarious to watch them attempt to follow somebody else’s course through the performance.

These 5 part switch videos will have you absolutely rolling on the floor with laughter for a number of reasons!

5. PENTAGON – “Shine”

In this part switch video of their breakaway hit, PENTAGON all have a great time trying to fill each other’s roles—except Kino, of course, who was lucky enough to draw himself. In particular, Yanan seems to be having a tough time figuring out Hui‘s positions, and Wooseok is goofy as can be.

4. ASTRO – “Hide & Seek”

ASTRO laugh their way through tons of struggles in this part switch performance of their debut single. JinJin got lucky with his own part, but the rest of them deal with a mixed bag of going the wrong direction and even falling down.

3. Apink – “Dilemma”

This part switch video of Apink‘s latest comeback “Dilemma” completely had us falling out of our seats. In particular, Namjoo seems to be having the time of her life imitating Bomi, and the woman in question cannot stop laughing about it.

2. EXID – “DDD”

EXID added another layer of comedy to this part switch by actually singing each other’s parts in the track as well. Their hilarious impressions of each other’s singing styles and mannerisms are making our sides hurt!

1. SEVENTEEN – “Left & Right”

This part switch by SEVENTEEN differs from the others in that it isn’t a total part switch, but it makes up for that with the fact that every member is doing a devoted impersonation of another member the entire time. True CARATs will laugh themselves to bits trying to spot every inside joke in this video. Even now, we still notice different things every time we watch it!