5 Hilarious Times BTS’s Suga Got Caught Out On His Little White Lies

Suga tries BS-ing his way through everything and we’re here for it.

If there’s one member of BTS who’s a real trickster, it’s Suga. In fact, the other members once said he starts lying the moment he wakes up in the morning! But the funniest part of the silver-tongued rapper’s little white lies is when he gets caught out on them. Take a look at 5 times he was exposed for his fibs.

1. When he claimed to be photographed without permission

Back in February 2015, Suga posted a handsome photo of himself to BTS’s Twitter account. It looked like he was posing, but in the caption, he insisted J-Hope took the photo of him without asking.

But J-Hope was having none of it! He quickly replied to Suga’s tweet with a screenshot of BTS’s KakaoTalk group chat—concrete proof that Suga asked J-Hope to take the photo all along.

2. When he claimed he only takes one selfie

Back in October 2018, BuzzFeed had BTS take a “Which member of BTS are you?” quiz. One of the questions asked what the members do when they take a selfie.

Out of all the answers, Suga chose “Take it and go”, insisting he only takes one selfie at a time.

But is that the Suga BTS know and love? No way! That same month, Jimin exposed how Suga always tries numerous angles to get the perfect selfie for ARMYs.

3. When he claimed to be a Sweden wanderer

When BTS backpacked through Europe for Bon Voyage, one of their destinations was picturesque Sweden. As the members walked through the streets of Gamla Stan, Suga began to reminisce about his memories in the country.

I sometimes walk along the streets of Sweden, lost in my thoughts. I often come here, Gamla Stan. I have a lot of memories here.

— Suga

Wait, what? In the background, Jin was heard calling him out—“This is your first time in Sweden…”

4. When he claimed Seo Taiji invited him over

Suga once boasted to BTS about how esteemed singer and producer Seo Taiji (known as “the President of Culture” in Korea) invited him over to his house.

It’s not unbelievable that Seo Taiji would want to invite a talented fellow producer like Suga over to his studio. So Suga might have gotten away with the fib—if it weren’t for the fact that he was already caught on camera inviting himself over!

5. When he claimed he worked out

You might think being in a group with choreography as energetic as BTS’s is a big enough fitness regime, but the members still hit the gym sometimes. Suga once used working out as an excuse to avoid arm wrestling with Jungkook, claiming he had muscle pains from exercising.

He even made up a whole condition, claiming he had “delayed onset muscle soreness”. Of course, the members burst out laughing at his excuses, knowing he hadn’t worked out at all.