Here Are 5 Iconic Female Visuals From Old School K-Pop Groups

They grew up so well!

K-Pop has always been the land of visuals. Everywhere one turns, he can see groups are filled with gorgeous idol after gorgeous idol. While we all know the stars who are constantly pointed out for being the prettiest nowadays, old school beauties deserve to be acknowledged as well.

Check some of the most iconic female idol visuals below!

1. SES’s Eugene

Often called a fairy, SES‘s Eugene is recognized for her delicate features.

She has since gone into acting and has even appeared in KBS‘s The Return of Superman with her husband Ki Taeyong daughter Rohui who also shares her pretty visuals!

2. Fin.K.L’s Lee Hyori

Fin.K.L is another legendary K-Pop girl group and Lee Hyori is their face. She was even called “The Nation’s Fairy” since she was young for her otherworldly good looks.

Now a household name, she is popular for her solo songs “U-Go-Girl” and “Bad Girl”, as well as her reality show Hyori’s Homestay.

3. Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri

Fin.K.L was a group filled with visuals, and Yuri was hailed as one of their beauties.

The maknae of the group is now predominantly known as an actress, appearing in dramas such as One Fine Day and Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy.

4. To-Ya’s Kim Ji Hye

To-Ya‘s Kim Ji Hye was dubbed the “pretty girl” of the 90’s group.

While not much is known about what she’s up to nowadays, Ji Hye starred in the dramas Seventeen and He Was Cool after being an idol.

5. Baby V.O.X.’s Kan Miyoun

Nicknamed Baby V.O.X.‘s “princess”, Kan Miyoun has gentle features that stood out because of her adorable cheeks.

She notably produced the girl group Hashtag under LUK Factory and even had her own solo career.

Source: Instiz