5 Idol Acting Debuts You Need To Watch Out For In 2021

These stars should give you plenty to binge watch this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down production on dramas and movies, but there are still plenty of great features coming to your screens this year—many of them featuring K-Pop idols! Here are 5 idol acting debuts to anticipate in 2021.

1. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is set to make her lead acting debut in the upcoming JTBC drama Snowdrop this year. The expected premiere date is May 28, 2021.

Set in 1987, Snowdrop is a romance drama set against the backdrop of a prestigious university. Jisoo will play the lead role of Eun Young-Cho, a cheerful and loveable student who helps graduate student Im Soo-Ho (played by Jung Hae In) when he appears covered in blood.

Jisoo’s co-star Jung Hae In. | FNC Entertainment

Jisoo previously had a brief cameo role in tvN‘s Arthdal Chronicles, but this is the first time she’ll play a major role in a drama.

“Arthdal Chronicles” | tvN

2. Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s Irene is set to make her big screen acting debut in the upcoming movie Double Patty this year.

Directed by Baek Seung Hwan, Double Patty is a coming of age movie due to release in theatres and on various streaming platforms in South Korea and internationally. Irene will play the lead role of Lee Hyun-Ji, an aspiring anchorwoman, alongside Shin Seung Ho as wrestler Kang Woo-Ram.

Irene with co-star Shin Seung Ho. | KT

Irene previously played a lead role in the web-drama Game Development Girls, but this marks her debut as a movie actress.

“Game Development Girls” | Naver TV

3. Jaehyun (NCT)

NCT’s Jaehyun is set to make his acting debut in the upcoming KBS2 drama Dear. M this year. The expected premiere date is February 15, 2021.

| SM Entertainment

Dear. M centers on the search for “M”, an anonymous forum commenter who turns everything upside down at the protagonists’ university. Jaehyun will play the lead role of Cha Min-Ho, a second year computer science student who falls for Ma Joo-A (Park Hye Soo), his childhood friend who’s never had a boyfriend.

“Dear. M” cast | KBS2

4. Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon is set to make her acting debut in the upcoming KakaoTV web-drama Replay this year. The expected premiere date is January 19, 2021.

Replay is said to be a relatable romance drama about insecure and innocent 18-year-olds with big dreams. Miyeon will play the lead role of Yoo Ha-Young, starring alongside Kim Min Chul as Gong Chan-Young, SF9‘s Hwiyoung as Lee Ji-Hoon, UNB‘s Marco as Shim Tae-Young, and Choi Ji Soo as Im So-Eun.

| KakaoTV

5. Byeongkwan (A.C.E)

A.C.E’s Byeongkwan is set to make his acting debut in the upcoming Naver TV web-drama Contract Relationship Starting Today.

A spin-off of popular drama Best Mistake, Contract Relationship Starting Today is a romance show about a shy, quiet boy (Kang Yul) who is offered a contract relationship by the school’s girl-crush idol trainee (Lee Eun Jae). Byeongkwan will play the role of Oh Ba-Wool, a friendly, down-to-earth aspiring influencer known as the school’s no.1 know-it-all.

Byeongkwan’s co-star Lee Eun Jae.

Byeongkwan previously made guest appearances on Zombie Detective and Age of Youth 2, but this will be his first continuous role.