5 Moments When Idols Acted Exactly Like Their Zodiac Sign

These idols are just like their zodiac signs!

Whether or not you believe in astrology, it is always interesting when a person is similar to the traits given to their zodiac sign. Through interviews and video clips, fans often notice when their favorite idol exhibits the traits of their own zodiac sign! Here are 5 examples of idols perfectly matching their zodiac signs according to fans!

1. ATEEZ’s Jongho Is An Introverted Libra

Recently, an ATEEZ video is going viral on Twitter for Jongho‘s comments about making plans with friends. Some common Libra traits are being sociable, but also enjoying time alone at home. In the video, Jongho expresses that he often makes plans to hang out with friends, but will end up making up an excuse to stay home instead!

ATEEZ Jongho | ATEEZ Official/Youtube 

2. Jackson Wang Is An Extroverted Aries

Jackson Wang‘s zodiac sign is Aries, and one of the most prominent Aries traits is being extroverted. Recently, a video taken at an event features Jackson absolutely controlling the crowd on the dance floor, which is a total Aries move!

Jackson Wang | Jackson Wang Official/Youtube

3. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Is A Quirky Aquarius

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is known for his quirky personality, as his way of speaking and dressing is always different than others. One main aspect of the Aquarius personality is being unique and breaking out of the “mold”. Vernon is the perfect representative for the Aquarius sign!

4. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Is A Sensitive Pisces

One common Pisces trait is being very in tune with one’s emotions and being able to express them well. Pisces are also very artistic, so is it obvious that Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is the perfect Pisces example, as she has released many emotional songs that have touched fans hearts.


5. NCT’s Mark Is An Easily Flattered Leo

Leo’s are notorious for feeling proud of personal compliments, so it’s no surprise that NCT‘s Mark reflects this in his responses to being complimented. Leo’s also possess a great deal of individuality. Recently, there was a Twitter video going viral of Mark being praised by his fellow member Taeyong on not only his personal style of rapping, but his talent. Being praised for being unique and talented definitely had to have made Mark feel great, as a Leo!

NCT’s Mark and Taeyong | NCT Official/Youtube