5 Idols Who’ve Confessed To Suffering From Eating Disorders

These stars weren’t afraid to shed a little light on the issue.

In the entertainment world, being skinny is often associated with beauty. Many stars diet to achieve the beauty standard and to control their weight. While many of these stars do so without causing any harm, there are others who take things too far and develop serious eating disorders. Sometimes eating disorders can be seen as taboo, but a few idols were unafraid and stepped up to the plate to shine a little light on the health issue.


1. IU

It seems crazy that Korea’s sweetheart would ever have an eating disorder, but she has been very open with her past fight against bulimia.


IU first began talking about her experience on an episode of Healing Camp. She admitted that she felt a lot of pressure after her debut to become successful. The spiral into bulimia all started when she began to eat food to make herself feel better. This, in turn, would make her feel anxious and she would continue eating until she threw up.


She later received counseling, recovered, and continues to speak out about her experience.


2. Former Oh My Girl‘s JinE

After Oh My Girl made their debut, JinE received a fair amount of comments calling her chubby. While the girls dieted for promotions, JinE took things too far. Her health began to decline and she was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with anorexia.


Soon after the diagnosis, WM Entertainment released a statement announcing her hiatus to receive treatment. A year later she decided to terminate her contract so that she could continue overcoming her disorder.


She has been very open about her experience and continues to post pictures of herself eating so that her fans know she is doing better.


3. Jang Na Ra

Although Jang Na Ra may seem like a bubbly person, she’s actually struggled with several anxiety disorders and bulimia. She first opened up about the issue on an episode of Healing Camp.


She first developed bulimia because of the immense pressure she felt. This led to her developing severe anxiety. She later said that she started to regain her mental health after talking with her parents and undergoing counseling.


4. Ladies’ Code‘s Sojung

During an episode of JTBC‘s Girl Spirit, Sojung opened up with her battle with anorexia. Even before her debut, she lost a staggering 18-20 pounds.


Later she would develop anorexia and lose 11 more pounds. At her lowest, she weighed an unhealthy 84 pounds. She even admitted that her face took on a skeletal appearance and her body looked like it could break at any moment.


Since then, she has been on the road to recovery, eating and exercising regularly to keep a healthy body.


5. Seo In Guk

Although eating disorders are normally attributed to females, males can suffer from them too. Seo In Guk once opened up about his struggle with bulimia on an episode of YTN‘s News and Issues-Issue and People.


At his first JYP Entertainment audition, he was told he should drop a few pounds and began to struggle with his weight. At that point, he said he began to obsess over his weight loss and would vomit after every meal in the hopes to do so. When he felt he lost enough, he returned for a second audition but was rejected again because he damaged his vocal cords due to all the vomiting.


Luckily the rejection spurred him to change his habits. When he won the Superstar K program his confidence rocketed and now we are all blessed with this talented singer and actor.

Source: 1boon
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