5 Idols’ Favourite Foods That You Might Be Too Afraid To Try

These idols have some interesting favorite foods that definitely aren’t for everyone!

We all know our idols love to eat, but there are a few menu items our biases love that don’t sound – or look – super appetising. The below idols love these unusual foods that, for some, are only for the adventurous!


1. Pigs Feet

If you’re a ONCE, you know Momo‘s favorite food is jokbal, or pigs feet marinated in soy sauce and spices.

While she loves it so much she even made a “jokbal dance”, the idea of eating pigs’s feet may make a few squeamish.


2. Intestines

Gopchang is the small intestines of cattle (or pig), either stewed in a hot pot, grilled over a barbecue or boiled in soup – and it’s one of EXID‘s Hani‘s favorite foods! It’s not for the faint-hearted, however, as the smell is quite strong.


3. Spicy chicken feet

Sistar‘s Soyou admitted she only works out so that she can eat spicy chicken feet, her favorite meal. She ate it so well on I Live Alone that she became synonymous with ‘chicken feet’. If you searched for ‘Soyou’, ‘chicken feet’ appeared, and when you typed in ‘chicken feet,’ ‘Soyou’ appeared.

Along the lines of Momo’s jokbal love, it’s a food that takes some courage to try for those not used to eating such parts of the animal.


4. Blood sausage

Hani is a fan of unusual foods, with her second love being blood sausage, or sundae. It’s not surprising that she likes it, though, since it includes pig or cow intestines, steamed and stuffed with blood, minced meat, rice, and vegetables.

The combination is enough for some people to say “no way!”


5. Black bean noodles

BTS‘s RM loves jajangmyeon noodles, thick noodles cooked in chunjang, a salty black soybean paste with meat and vegetables. For those who don’t eat things based on their color, they may be a bit put off by the blackness of the sauce and the strong salty taste.