5 Idols who Showed Some Love for Cherry Blossom Season

Celebrate cherry blossom season with these 5 idols.

It’s cherry blossom season in Korea, and annual cherry blossom festivals are in full swing from late-March to mid-April all over the country! As the short season is nearing its end, here are how some idols have shown their love for the beautiful blossoms today:

1. NCT JENO – ASMR Mukbang: Cherry Blossom edition

I’ll take one of each. Is Jeno included?

2. BTS RM’s Cherry Blossom photoshoot

Fresh on the heels of the last stop of BTS’ Love Yourself tour in Thailand, flower boy RM takes a well deserved rest under the cherry blossom trees.

3. Lovelyz’s Kei & Choi Won Myeong for Music Bank

The cherry blossoms may be disappearing, but Music Bank is still going strong!

4. Super Junior Yesung’s Cherry Blossom pictorial.

Yesung channeled his inner photographer while memorializing the fleeting blossoms along Seokchon Lake. These beautiul pictures belong in a travel guide, National Graphic magazine, or as someone’s screensaver.

5. JERRY.K’s pup loves

This is the good natured, wholesome content we signed up for.