5 Interesting Facts That Newer K-Pop Fans May Not Be Aware Of

Do you know any other interesting facts from K-Pop?

Most K-Pop fans are aware of popular facts and big news that spread throughout K-Pop through the years. But, there still may be some interesting facts that you may not have known throughout your K-Pop journey. Here are a few random facts that have been floating around the internet.

The Tallest Members Being A ‘Choi’

There was a time when the tallest member of every SM Entertainment group had the last name Choi; Choi Sulli of f(x), Choi Minho of SHINee, Choi Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation, Choi Siwon of Super Junior, Choi Kang Changmin of TVXQ (‘Shim’ is his real last name but in terms of his stage name he was a ‘Choi’). This was later broken by debut of Park Chanyeol of EXO and Park Joy of Red Velvet.

Sulli [f(x)], 170 cm

Minho (SHINee), 184 cm

Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation), 170 cm

Siwon (Super Junior), 183 cm

Choikang Changmin (TVXQ), 185 cm

Same Age, Different Generation

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun debuted 7 years before Mamamoo and Red Velvet but she is the same age as Solar and Irene. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is born in 1991 and debuted with the group in 2007. Red Velvet’s Irene and MAMAMOO’s Solar are also the same age but debuted in 2014, making Seohyun their senior in the K-Pop industry. It’s interesting to see that although they are the same age they are from different generations of K-Pop (Girls’ Generation=2nd generation, Red Velvet and MAMAMOO=3rd generation)

Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

Irene (Red Velvet)


Scrapped Group Names

(G)I-DLE was originally supposed to debut as AniColor, which is a word play on “Animal Color” and “Any Color.” Each member had a designated animal and color and the “Any” part was to signal that they could pull off any color (concept). Regardless, they seem to be rocking any color or concept anyway!



Animal Concept

BTS Suga’s Car Accident

Suga was involved in a car accident before debut when he worked a part-time job as a delivery boy. The accident caused him to dislocate his shoulder and stop b-boying. He didn’t tell Big Hit Entertainment about the accident because he was scared that they would kick him out. Later after he revealed the true story, Big Hit paid for his college tuition and wished he had told them the truth sooner. During a BTS: Burn the Stage episode, Suga reveals the truth behind the accident to the members and solves the questions they had regarding the lyrics in his song, “The Last.”

You can hear the story below:

AGUST D- “The Last”

Famous Super Junior ‘Incheon battle’

Most K-Pop fans that have been around since the 1st and 2nd generation idol groups are familiar with the story about Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul. This is a famous story about their first huge fight after 10 years of friendship. It was so bad that not even the staff or other members could stop them. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang and singer SEVEN were also in the room next door and were scared of their seniors after this fight.

You can hear the full story from them below:

Did you know about these stories and facts? Are there any other interesting events that you know about? Let us know!