5 Jaw-Dropping Times K-Pop Idols Surprised Their Fans That’ll Have You Wishing You Were One Of Them

Imagine being surprised with a date with your bias.

As a K-Pop fan, meeting one of your favorite K-Pop idols or groups would probably be high up on the list, if not first, of things you would wish for if you had a chance encounter with a genie!

Here are 5 moments when K-Pop idols surprised their fans that’ll have you wishing you were one of them!

1. GOT7

Back in 2016, all seven members of GOT7 surprised some Ahgases who were at Buzzfeed recording themselves taking a quiz to see “Which GOT7 Member Are You?”

What they didn’t know, was that GOT7 was actually there and ready to make a huge entrance!


The fans were definitely surprised and pleasantly so, as they were even gifted tickets to GOT7’s concert that night!


In 2019, popular reaction channel on YouTube called React had ATEEZ on their channel to surprise some ATINYs reacting to their music videos!

Of course when ATEEZ entered the room, the fans were too stunned to speak.

But the boys made sure to make their fans feel at ease as they even danced some good vibes into the room!



In an episode of “BLACKPINK HOUSE” the four members surprise one of their fans at a coffee shop!

Jennie and Rosé even go undercover as employees at the cafe, but the BLINK seems oblivious to it all, until they went up to surprise her!


They then got to spend some time together, where the members gifted her with a homemade cake and of course picture time.

4. BTS

During BTS’s Fake Love era, the members went on The Ellen Show and surprised lucky ARMYs on the set of popular TV show Friends!

While sitting on the iconic Central Perk sofa, ARMYs were reading off of cue cards, and then surprised with the best gift.



How lucky were these ARMYs??

5. iKON’s Bobby

On an episode of Dingo on YouTube, iKON’s Bobby surprises a fan at her part-time job!

He helps her close down the shop, and then takes her to get some ramen and chimek (chicken and beer), which they then enjoy at the Han River.

Her bias in iKON is Bobby so we’re sure she was enjoying every moment of their special date!

These fans were some of the lucky few who got to meet their faves up close and personal! Check out a time when ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo surprised a fan below:

Remember When ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Took A Fan On A Date? We Totally Do