5 Facts About Jisoo You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you don’t know, now you know.

Jisoo is amazing, the whole world knows this. From slaying in front of hundreds of thousands to shutting down Paris Fashion Week, the BLACKPINK star is iconic! However, did you know that there is more to this Idol than meets the eye? Here are 5 lesser-known facts about Jisoo.


1. She’s A Great Namer

It is well known that Jisoo gave BLACKPINK members their nicknames but did you know she also gave TWICE‘s Nayeon her Nadong nickname?


On one of Jisoo’s live streams, she explained that Nayeon once told her, “Everyone calls me Nadong because of you.

Jisoo recalled replying back…

“You’re Nadong because you are Nadong.”


Makes perfect sense to us.

2. She’s great at coming up with the cutest songs

Not only is Jisoo amazing at singing the hits, but she is also great at coming up with them too.

Yoon Jong Shin (left) and Lee Guk Jin (right) | MBCentertainment/Youtube

On an episode of “Radio Star”, the MCs asked why Jisoo was known for singing strange songs.

Rosè | MBCentertainment/Youtube

Rosè explained that when other members meet their CEO, they are respectful and are careful not to do anything wrong.

Jisoo (left) and Rosè (right)/MBCentertainment/Youtube

Rose further explained that while all the members are stiff and rigid, Jisoo greets him by singing, “C~E~O, C~E~O, I See That You’re Here, C~E~O“. Mic Dropped.

Jisoo (left) and Rose (right) | MBCentertainment/Youtube

3. She Is A Great Ventriloquist

In an appearance on ‘Radio Star’, the singer showed her skills in talking with her mouth closed.

Jisoo | MBCentertainment/Youtube

Introduced as Rose’s talent that Jisoo stole, the idol decided to show how fluent she was in speaking with her mouth closed. Jisoo then, with a closed mouth, pronounced “Hello, I am Jisoo” perfectly.

Jisoo | MBCentertainment/Youtube

As the picture shows below, the MCs had their mind blown.

Kyuhyun (left), (Kim Goo Ra (center left), Yoon Jong Shin (center right), and Lee Guk Jin (right) | MBCentertainment/Youtube

4. She Is A Great Refuser

Many of us have a hard time saying, “NO”, when asked to do something. Jisoo however has no problem refusing a request. She showed this when she appeared on an episode of Knowing Bros.

Lee Soo Guen | Knowingbros/youtube

In the episode, while talking about the girl’s future promotions, Lee Soo Geun asks for the power group to appear on his show, The Fishermen and The City.

Rose (left) and Jennie (right) | Knowingbros/Youtube

The girls were all for the idea, and accepted his invitation!

Seo Jang Hoon (top left), Min Kyung Hoon (middle left), Kim Heechul (bottom left), Lee Sang Min (top right), (Lee Soo Geun (middle right), and Kang Ho Dong (bottom right) | Knowingbros/youtube

Lee Sang Min then brought up a show he is on, to which Kim Heechul explained, “He wants you on his show.” To which the girls were like “YASSS!”

Blackpink | Knowingbros/Youtube

Kim Young Chul complained that the girls were saying “yes” in jest. Feeling brave, the comedian then asks the girls to be on his radio show…

Min Kyung Hoon (left) and Kim Yong Chul (center)/Knowingbros/Youtube

To which Jisoo without even BLINKing, told him no to his face. Savage.

Jisoo (left) and Kim Yong Chul (right) | Knowingbros/Youtube

5. She Is A Great Disser

We’ve told you that she comes up with the cutest songs, but her talents don’t end there. She is also great at dissing your favorite rappers.

BewhY | MBCentertainment/Youtube

On a different appearance on Radio Star, the hosts were talking about how rapper BewhY looked like a thumb.

Kyuhyun (left) and Kim Gu Ra (right) | MBCentertainment/Youtube

When Kim Gu Ra asked Jisoo to freestyle about this in a song…

BewhY (left), Jisoo (center), and Rose (right) | MBCentertainment/Youtube

Jisoo sang, “You~look~like~a~thumb~“… What a talent!

Kyuhyun (left), Jisoo (center), DinDin (right) | MBCentertainment/Youtube

Safe to say, when it is all said and done, Jisoo will be revered as one of the greats.

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