5 K-Beauty Hacks That Won’t Break Your Bank But Leave You Glowing

Here are easy tips on getting that perfect K-Beauty trend without costing you a dime!

1. Half Bath

Increased blood circulation is super important for healthy skin. In order to stimulate blood circulation, spas sometimes have “ban shin yoks,” or “half baths” where the lower body is immersed in hot water up to the belly button while the upper body stays completely dry. This creates a temperature differential in the body that leads to more blood flow. You can easily do this for yourself at home by filling up your bathtub only halfway!


2. Self Face Massage

A self-face massage improves circulation and encourages lymph drainage. This five-step process might look a bit silly, but it works wonders. Follow the instructions from The Face Shop and make your skin look and feel better immediately!


3. Face Workout

You work out the other muscles in your body, so why not your face too? Firm face muscles are important for maintaining a healthy and youthful look. If you use exaggerated expressions to say the vowels, “A, E, I, O, U” out loud three times in the morning and 3 times at night, this will stretch the right muscles and prevent the sort of sagging and wrinkling that happens to all muscles when they aren’t used enough.


4. Wash with Rice Water

Supposedly Korean female rice farmers bathed their bodies and washed their hair in rice water. Is this true? Who knows, but this beauty hack will do wonders for your face and hair! First, rinse the rice clean. Next, soak the rice for 15 minutes in clean water. Then, remove the rice and use the water to wash your face, or as a rinse for your hair after shampooing.


5. Hang a Damp Towel

We all know that the weather can wreak havoc on skin- the heater might feel good in the winter cold, but it will quickly lead to cracked and flaky skin. If you bring your post-shower towel to your bedroom, you’ll be adding moisture to the air, and prevent your skin from drying out too badly overnight.


Source: Byrdie (1) and (2) and Beautytap