5+ K-Dramas That Are Coming Back With A Season Two

We can’t wait to see what new stories will unfold in the second season!

Not until too long ago, multi-season K-Dramas were rare, but in recent years, they have become more common. Even this year alone, we got season two of Big Bet, The Glory, D.P., Taxi Driver, and more. Let’s look at what dramas we can look forward to for the end of this year and next year!

Signal 2

tvN drama Signal aired in 2016 and is about a mysterious walkie-talkie that connects two detectives from different eras as they work to solve crime in their respective time periods. Most recently, a post online revealed writer Kim Eun Hee confirming season two at a conference.

She said Signal 2 is coming! Crazy!

Sweet Home 2

Netflix series Sweet Home, which aired in 2020, is a story about a teenager and his neighbors trying to survive from humans who have turned into monsters. Most recently it was announced that the series would be returning with its second season on December 1 and dropped a teaser video online.

Squid Game 2

Netflix series Squid Game, which aired in 2021, is about contestants competing in children’s games in order to win a prize. Although the official release date has not been confirmed, they have revealed through a teaser photo online that it is on its way!

Weak Hero Season 2

Wavve original series Weak Hero Class 1, released in 2022, is about a student who refuses to back down from the bullies in order to protect the people that are important to him.

Recently, the official representative of the production company for Weak Hero, appeared at the Asia Content Awards & Global OTT Awards and revealed that there would be a season 2 on its way.

When we screened at the Busan Film Festival last year, we had a great opportunity to meet the audience for the first time and received a lot of love. I think we were able to come this far thanks to that energy, so we are trying to create the next story with energy again.

We hope that you will show more expectations and interest in our story that will continue in the future, and please remember that the story from now on is about a truly weak hero.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2

ENA series Extraordinary Attorney Woo, aired in 2022, is about a lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome with a high IQ but struggles with everyday interactions. The drama has officially been confirmed for a second season, but viewers might have to wait as production might not begin until next year.

All Of Us Are Dead 2

Netflix series All Of Us Are Dead, aired in 2022, is about students who must escape their high school, which has become the center of a zombie outbreak. The series has been confirmed for a season two with the official announcement video being released back in June.

Hellhound 2

Netflix series Hellhound, which aired in 2021, is about supernatural beings sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice. Although the official release date hasn’t been announced, it is speculated that it has started production and will possibly premiere in 2024.

Which drama are you most looking forward to?