The 5 K-Dramas International Fans Must Watch, Chosen By Koreans

“…it made me look at life from a new perspective.”

With the numerous amount of Korean dramas that are filmed every year, there’s more than enough for international fans to binge-watch. Because of all the different genres and options, DKDKTV‘s Ariel approached Koreans to narrow it down and recommend ones that international fans just HAD to watch. Here at the five K-Dramas you’ll need to add to your list ASAP:

1. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Even though 2020 as a year has had its ups and a lot of downs, hit dramas have made it easier to handle. Among them is the mysterious and supernatural drama Mystic Pop-Up Bar, adapted from a webtoon.

As Han Kang Bae, played by BTOB’s Sungjae, comes into his supernatural powers, he finds a pop-up bar that only opens at night as his new haven. Through using those powers and teaming up with his new co-workers, they solve their customers’ problems by entering their dreams.

2. My Mister

With IU starring in 2018’s My Mister, she plays a twenty-year-old Lee Ji An, who’s going through rough times in her life and continues to bear the struggle of overcoming those obstacles. Naturally, there’s someone else who’s in the same boat.

Her forty-year-old co-worker Park Dong Hoon is experiencing his own struggles as his family breaks apart. The drama follows the two as they admit they aren’t satisfied with their lives and try to change them for the better.

It was so heartwrenching that it’ll give you a new sense of how to view life.

There is a drama called My Mister. I saw it when I was in the military, and it made me look at life from a new perspective. So, I recommend My Mister.

3. Goblin

In 2016, this drama was the talk of the town. Goblin, or Guardian: The Lonely And Great God, follows the Goblin Kim Shin, played by Gong Yoo, as he searches for a bride to put an end to the immortal life he brought upon himself.

After becoming roommates with the Grim Reaper, Kim Dong Wook, and the discovery of that long-awaited bride, they try to find out if Kim Shin will finally be set free.

With the popularity that surrounded it, it’s definitely a drama that hits all the marks and should be a must-watch for all international drama fans.

It’s a fantasy drama, so I think it’s light and easy to watch for anyone. The storyline isn’t very complicated. It’s a very popular, well-made K-Drama.

4. Itaewon Class

While Mystic Pop-Up Bar excelled in the supernatural, 2020’s Itaewon Class excelled in human interaction and exposing sides of Korea that are rarely addressed.

With a gang of friends led by Park Sae Ro Yi, it showed the power of determination and friendship. He overcomes trauma and doesn’t stop in following in his father’s footsteps. Watching all their adventures will not only leave you entertained but inspire you.

If just about every idol had been tuning in to watch, it couldn’t fail to be recommended.

I want to recommend Itaewon Class, the drama I’m currently watching.

5. Be Melodramatic

The last recommendation may not be as familiar. 2019’s Be Melodramatic follows a set of three thirty-year-old friends, Im Jin Joo, Lee Eun Jung, and Hwang Han Joo, who all work in drama production.

Though they all have their own career paths and life goals, everything changes when one of them gets a taste of success and fame. With the addition of romance and dealing with that change, it’s a fun ride that’ll keep you entertained.

Although parts of the humor may be missed without the proper background, it can still hold its own.

I want to recommend my favorite drama Be Melodramatic, but I feel like it won’t be as fun if you don’t understand Korean. But regardless, I recommend Be Melodramatic!