5 K-Dramas Rank Top 50 In Netflix’s Most Watched Shows In The First Half Of 2023

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Netflix has emerged as a pivotal global platform, shaping the landscape of television and film consumption across the world. In an impressive showcase of cultural diversity and storytelling prowess, five Korean dramas have climbed their way into the top 50 of Netflix’s most-watched shows in the first half of 2023.

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1. “The Glory”

This massive Netflix success secured 3rd spot. The Glory is a riveting revenge thriller that has gripped audiences with its intense storyline. It revolves around a woman who endured brutal school violence and meticulously plots her revenge against those who wronged her. This series delves into themes of justice, trauma, and retribution, resonating deeply with viewers.

The raw emotional depth, coupled with a suspenseful narrative, makes The Glory a compelling watch. Its approach to tackling serious issues with a gripping storyline has made it a global sensation.

2. “Physical: 100”

Physical: 100 — ranking 21st in the most watched list — is a unique blend of reality TV and intense physical competition. This show pits a diverse range of participants against each other in a series of physically demanding challenges, testing their strength, endurance, and willpower.

The show’s innovative format and the raw display of human physicality have attracted a wide audience. It’s not just about physical strength but also the psychological resilience and strategy of the contestants, making it a captivating experience.

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3. “Crash Course In Romance”

Crash Course in Romance followed closely, ranking 22nd. his heartwarming series follows the story of a star math instructor and a street food vendor whose worlds collide in an unexpected romance. It explores themes of love, ambition, and the trials of parenthood.

The charm of Crash Course in Romance lies in its relatable characters and touching storyline. It combines humor with poignant moments, offering a refreshing take on romance and life’s unpredictability.

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4. “Doctor Cha”

Doctor Cha took the 31st spot. This medical drama centers around Cha Ji An, a brilliant but unconventional doctor, and her journey through the challenges of the medical world. It’s a tale of passion, ethics, and personal growth.

The show’s blend of medical drama with personal and ethical dilemmas has struck a chord with viewers. The character development and gripping medical cases provide a realistic and engaging viewing experience.

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5. “Alchemy of Souls”

Lastly, Alchemy of Souls made it to 47th on the list. Set in a mythical kingdom, this fantasy drama involves magic, soul-shifting, and a complex web of characters. It tells the story of individuals whose fates are intertwined with ancient curses and forbidden magic.

The imaginative world-building, coupled with a blend of romance, action, and fantasy elements, makes Alchemy of Souls a unique and enchanting series. Its visual spectacle and intricate plot keep viewers thoroughly engaged.

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