5 K-Dramas You’ll Love If You’re Still Having “Crash Landing On You” Withdrawal Symptoms

Get ready for your next K-Drama addiction.

It’s been a while since tvN’s Crashing Landing on You ended, but it’s not easy to get over the second highest-rated K-Drama in history. If you still miss Yoon Seri and Ri Jeonghyeok, here are 5 dramas with similar vibes to help you get through those withdrawal symptoms.

1. Myung Wol the Spy

This romantic comedy K-Drama centers on a beautiful North Korean spy named Myung Wol who heads to South Korea with one special mission: seduce South Korean star Kang Woo to kill the Hallyu Wave.

Of course, her emotions soon start to get in the way of her undercover goals. Like Crash Landing on You, Myung Wol The Spy is all about a romance between the two Koreas.

2. The King 2 Hearts

Another show that sees a North Korean and South Korean falling in love is The King 2 Hearts. This drama is about Kim Hangah, an incredible North Korean soldier who dreams of falling in love, and Lee Jeeha, a South Korean prince with no interest in politics.

When Jeeha ends up on the through in the midst of reunification talks, he finds himself betrothed to Hangah.

3. Descendants of the Sun

If you loved that Crash Landing on You’s romance centered on two people from powerful backgrounds in the midst of political turmoil, you’ll get the same from Descendants of the Sun.

This romance is about assertive surgeon Kang Moyeon and special forces Captain Yoo Sijin, both of whom need to bond in a time of war.

4. Rooftop Prince

A historical mystery K-Drama, Rooftop Prince centers on crown prince Yi Gak, who finds himself transported from the Chosun era to modern-day Seoul.

There, he meets Hong Sena, whose resemblance to his deceased wife is uncanny. To uncover the mystery of his wife’s centuries-old death, Yi Gak poses as the CEO’s grandson as Sena’s workplace.

5. My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star is about Do Minjoon, a handsome alien who landed on earth 400 years ago and only has 3 months left, and Cheon Songyi, Korea’s biggest celebrity.

The premise may sound completely different to Crash Landing on You, but they both have the same writer, so there are some definite similarities.