5+ Korean Actors Who Nearly Rejected Roles In Popular K-Dramas

Gong Yoo originally rejected being in Goblin.

The cast members are one of the most iconic parts of K-Dramas. So, it can be difficult to imagine what some K-Dramas would look like without some of their main cast members. Here’s a look at some Korean actors who nearly rejected roles in popular K-Dramas.

1. IU in My Mister

When IU was first offered her role My Mister, she initially thought about declining it due to a past lolita controversy. She felt that due to the past controversy, accepting the role would bring some unwanted problems to her costars. However, she eventually accepted the role after talking with the director.

2. Gong Yoo in Goblin

Gong Yoo had originally rejected being in Goblin, as he had developed a fear of being in K-Dramas, so he wasn’t confident he could pull off his role. He eventually changed his mind after having a conversation with the writer, Kim Eun Sook. His conversation with her helped him open up and feel more comfortable about accepting the role.

3. Park Hae Joon in The World of the Married 

Park Hae Joon was originally hesitant on accepting his role in The World of the Married. He wasn’t confident about portraying his role and was unsure if he was the right person for the role. He eventually changed his mind after talking with his good friend and film director Byun Young Joo, who told him that he would foolish to not accept the role.

4. Suzy in Dream High 

Suzy originally rejected the role in Dream High, as she didn’t have much confidence in her acting. At that point, Suzy was more concerned about proving herself as a singer, and acting wasn’t something she thought about. However, she eventually accepted the offer after some more consideration.

5. Jun Ji Hyun in My Love From The Stars 

When Jun Ji Hyun was offered her role in My Love From The Stars, she initially had to reject it, as she was already preparing to film a movie. However, some scheduling problems with the movie allowed her to free up her schedule, and she soon became a cast member on My Love From The Stars. 

6. Im Soo Hyang in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty 

Im Soo Hyang originally rejected her role in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, as she wasn’t sure that she would be able to play a character who was 20 years old. However, she fell in love with her character and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

7. Jung Hae In in Something in the Rain 

When Jung Hae In was offered his role in Something in the Rain, it was only a couple of months after he finished filming for Prison Playbook, so he was quite drained. However, once he read the script of Something in the Rain, he immediately accepted the offer.

Bonus: Jo In Sung in The Great Battle 

Jo In Sung rejected his role in the film The Great Battle multiple times. He rejected the offer because he felt that he couldn’t pull off the role well, but deep down, he wanted to accept the offer. He eventually changed his mind after much consideration.