Here Are 5 Korean Beauty Standards That K-Pop Idols Are Smashing

We need more badasses who are beautiful in their own way like #3.

K-Pop and Korean culture are known for having incredibly harsh beauty standards. In the off chance an idol breaks these standards, it not only feels super refreshing but also gives representation to new kinds of bodies, faces, and more in the industry. Here are six beauty standards that various idols are breaking by being their authentic, badass selves.

1. Tanned Skin

TWICE‘s Jihyo‘s darker skintone has fans questioning the Korean beauty standard of light skin.

Jihyo seems to glow when she has a tan, and fans agree that it suits her.

Jihyo has even spoken confidently about getting tanned skin and is unapologetic about her skin color.

2. Small Eyes

BTS’ Jimin is known for having small eyes. He’s shown fans that he’s not handsome despite them, but rather because of them!

His creased eye smile is incredibly endearing.

Similarly, Momoland‘s JooE has small eyes that are alluring and beautiful whether she is shining on stage or meeting fans.

3. Curvy Bodies

CLC‘s Seunghee looks incredible with her curvaceous figure, something that is often discouraged by companies and/or netizens.

Perhaps the fan-appointed ambassador of thick idols, Hwasa of MAMAMOO is known for her lovely curves.

She is also protective of fans, telling them to “just eat” when asked about her dieting strategies.

4. Short Height

Idols like Woozi of SEVENTEEN show that good things come in small packages. He doesn’t let his height of 5″5′ (164 cm) stop him from being a powerhouse onstage.

His notable height difference with the other members is actually endearing, and he is loved for it!

Another idol clocking in at 164 cm, Jinhwan of iKON has the same petite height and is still a force to be reckoned with.

5. Mixed Race

Unfortunately, mixed race people in Korea can become targets of bullying due to not fitting in. Biracial idols can show that it is not uncommon, like HueningKai of TXT who has confirmed that he has an American father and a Korean mother.

Similarly, Somi has a Canadian father and a Korean mother. She was loved for who she truly is and still captivated hearts of fans when she placed 1st in Produce 101.

We hope that idols can continue to break boundaries little by little to create more representation for different kinds of people in the K-Pop industry!

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