5 Korean Celebrities With Famously Tall Nose Bridges

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes – and noses.

These five K-Celebs are known for their high-bridged noses, that many fans agree give them a uniquely beautiful facial structure.


1. Han Ga-in

Certain roles require certain looks. When paired with her soft, rounded face and sweet smile, actress Han Ga In’s high-bridged nose helps her fluctuate between pure beauty and strong woman.


Han Ga In’s versatile visuals have helped her acting career. She evolved from CF star to drama actress, scoring serious roles Bad Guy and Moon Embracing the Sun.


2. Min Hyo-rin

Success in the modeling industry takes more than beauty. Stunning visuals are just the basics.


Famous model, singer-actress Min Hyo-Rin, has a look that’s both classic and fresh: a look that won’t be forgotten.


Min Hyo-Rin’s high-bridged nose gives her well-proportioned, symmetrical face an added dash of individuality.


3. Jang Na-ra

Singer-actress Jang Na-ra’s sweet, child-like face has helped her score many on-screen roles, including the lead in Baby Faced Beauty. In this comedic drama, Jang Na-ra played an older woman who pretends to be ten years younger, to score a job at a fashion design company.


However, Jang Na-ra has also starred in more serious dramas, like Hello Monster. Jang Na-ra’s strong, high bridged nose gave her character, a police inspector, an added layer of toughness.


4. BoA

The Queen of K-Pop began her career in the early 2000s. She debuted decades before K-Pop broke out into the international mainstream, but even in K-Pop’s early days, competition was high. To thrive in the highly saturated music industry, artists need to stand out.


In addition to BoA’s incredible talent, BoA’s looks have helped her to rise–and stay–above a sea of faces. BoA’s high-bridged nose is as unique as the singer behind it, and just as memorable.


5. Lee Hyori

“Bad Girls” singer Lee Hyori is bold, fierce, and oozes sex appeal. Everything about her says, “Look at me. I’ve arrived”, including her sexy, high-bridged nose. 


After Fin.K.L’s disbandment, Lee Hyori started a solo career with a seductive new image. Lee Hyori’s nose helps to give her that fiery, mature look needed to model for certain advertisers, including Lotte Liquor, a soju brand.