5 Korean Celebrities You Would Never Think Were Married

What? Thay’re taken?!

1. Actor Jin Goo

Jin Goo has been married for five years now and is a father of two children! Some fans may remember when he appeared on “Infinite Challenge” and mentioned having a crush on his wife but not knowing how to tell her.


2. Lena Park

Singer Lena Park, also well known as Park Jung Hyun, got married last year. She celebrated her marriage with ceremonies in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Canada!


3. Cho Jin Woong

Charismatic actor Cho Jin Woong has been married for six years now. His wife and he got married after dating seven years!


4. Kim Sung Oh

Actor Kim Sung Oh appeared on “The Return of Superman” with his wife and son. He got married in 2014. His wife and he started dating after shooting a kiss scene!


5. Kwon Jung Yeol

Group 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol got married in 2014. His wife, Kim Yoon Joo, is also a singer in the group “Rooftop Moonlight”.