5 Korean Celebrity Couples Who Speak Openly About Their Relationship

Numbers 3 and 5 get teased a lot for their relationship.

Korean celebrities dating can always be a touchy topic, as some “fans” and netizens can be against it. That’s why a lot of celebrity couples choose to be more private about their relationship and not talk about it on broadcasts. Here’s a list of some celebrity couples who choose to be more open and talk casually about their relationships. Also, this list will not include married couples.

1. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) & Jung Kyung Ho

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have spoken about their relationship on many occasions, and sometimes even tell hilarious stories. One time, Sooyoung’s sister shared what she thought about their relationship.

Sooyoung’s sister also praised Jung Kyung Ho for his kind and funny personality but didn’t seem to understand why Sooyoung always gave him the cold shoulder. It turns out that Sooyoung is so used to Jung Kyung Ho’s jokes that she playfully ignores them sometimes.

Jung Kyung Ho is more apologetic towards Sooyoung, as he doesn’t want her to become the center of attention whenever he speaks about her.

However, Sooyoung doesn’t mind this attention and even scolds him for thinking this way.

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2. Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Sun Bin

These two are constantly teased about their relationship, and they both just seem to laugh it off. When their relationship was first announced, Running Man decided to get a little playful with Lee Kwang Soo.

The cast members are always teasing him about his relationship status, and Lee Kwang Soo always replies in a humorful way.

Lee Sun Bin is no different, as she too has been teased about her relationship status.

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3. HyunA & Dawn

HyunA and Dawn seem to always show their affection for each other, especially when they appear together on variety shows.

The two also don’t mind talking about more personal details about their relationship.

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4. Kyungri & Jinwoon (2AM)

Jinwoon and Kyungri don’t seem to care about what some netizens have to say about their relationship, as the two even went on a public date together.

They showed their playful personalities, especially when Jinwoon acted a little jealous.

The two also don’t mind publically showing their love for each other.

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5. Heechul (Super Junior) & Momo (TWICE)

Source: kimheenim/Instagram

While Momo is relatively more private about their relationship, Heechul seems to get teased quite a bit about his relationship status. He doesn’t seem to mind too much, as he always replies humorously.

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