5 Korean Variety Show Pairings That Need To Make A Return

Pairing 3 was absolutely hilarious!

One of the best parts about Korean variety shows is some of the iconic pairings that are created through the show. Some of these pairings even end up being an important part of their respective program. Once a certain variety show ends, or a member from the pairing ends up leaving, it can be difficult seeing the iconic pairing again. Here are a few Korean variety show pairings that were iconic, and need to make a return

1. Jackson (GOT7) & Youngji

These two first met on the show Roommate. Due to being the same age and being the youngest cast members, they naturally got along with each other. They’ve had many heartwarming moments when they looked like siblings.

However, most viewers were a fan of this pairing due to their hilarious interactions with each other, as they seemingly bickered all the time with each other.

Roommate ultimately got canceled in 2015, and it’s been quite some time since fans got to see these two interacting. While this pairing wasn’t around for a long time, they still left quite a mark on fans and viewers.

2. Lee Kwang Soo & Song Joong Ki

While these two are now best friends, they were originally a comedic duo on Running Man. Due to being the same age, the two were constantly compared to each other on Running Man, which led to many hilarious moments.

The two have rarely been seen together on variety shows after Song Joong Ki left Running Man. While the two still interact with each on broadcasts from time to time, a lot of fans desire to see them show their comedic chemistry once again on a variety show.

3. Yoo Jae Suk & Daesung (BIGBANG)

These two were quite the duo on Family Outing, as they were even given the nickname “Dumb and Dumber”. Their hilarious chemistry led them to get scolded by Lee Hyori many times.

The two have had only a few appearances together on variety shows after Family Outing concluded. While it’s been many years, many fans still hope that these two will one day reunite together as cast members on a variety show.

4. Kim Jong Kook & Kim Jong Min

These have had some minor appearances together on My Little Old Boy, but each one gave viewers an incredible laugh. This is because Kim Jong Min knows just how to get on Kim Jong Kook’s nerves.

The hilarious chemistry between these two has caused viewers to want them to have more interactions with each other. Here are some videos of their hilarious chemistry.

5. Song Ji Hyo & Kang Gary

These two were known as the “Monday Couple” on Running Man, where they pretended to be an actual couple for the show. Other than their hilarious attempts at being a couple, the two had some hilarious moments where they showed off their chemistry.

This pairing ended up lasting for many years, which was a delight for fans. It ultimately ended when Gary left Running Man and announced that he was a married man. While fans don’t expect the two to act as a variety show couple again, they still are eager to see them interacting and showing off their hilarious friendship hopefully sometime in the future.

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