5 K-Pop Groups Whose Strong Bonds Are Major Stan Attractors

These groups truly treat each other like family!

There are many reasons to stan K-Pop groups, like their music, interactions with fans, fashion, and appearance on variety shows. For some K-Pop fans, the bond between the members is what initially attracted them to their favorite groups.

Here are 5 K-Pop groups whose bond has attracted new fans to them, according to netizens on Nate Pann!

1. BTS

The BTS members are incredibly close! They count each other among their best friends, and they can rely on each other for anything. Whenever they’re all together, they’re absolutely hilarious and their conversations are full of inside jokes they’ve been telling for years. Even when they’re supposed to be serious during interviews and award speeches, they still joke around like true brothers!


The TWICE members love each other so much! They joke around often, and they always support each other. They even visit each other’s families! The TWICE members have definitely become sisters over the years, and it looks like they’re always getting even closer.


The Dreamies are inseparable! NCT DREAM has won over countless fans with their incredible bond. Even before their debut, fans got a taste of their bond when Mark, Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung were introduced as part of SM Rookies. When Chenle and Renjun joined the other 5 members, they all became brothers. The members are so close that SM Entertainment got rid of the graduation system that required members to leave NCT DREAM after they turned 20. Now, NCT DREAM is a fixed unit, and these 7 besties get to stay together!


SEVENTEEN is a true brotherhood! Although this group is on the larger side with 13 members, they all get along extremely well. The members know that each of the 13 members brings something special to the team, and they all value each other. When the whole group gets together, they’re hilariously chaotic and incredibly fun to watch!

5. SHINee

SHINee has an incredible bond! This group debuted in 2008, so the members have had years to deepen their bond. Over the years, they’ve become super close, and it’s abundantly clear that they all love each other. All of the members are super funny, and their live streams perfectly show off their brotherly bond!



Source: Nate Pann