5 K-Pop Idols Who Were Raised By Their Grandparents

Numbers 2 and 3 have some heartbreaking stories.

K-Pop idols are no strangers to unfortunate events, as many of them had to deal with adversity before they became stars. Some of them even had some family matters that caused them to live with their grandparents. Here are 5 K-Pop idols who were raised by their grandparents. 

1. Ha Sungwoon

Ha Sungwoon has not shared much information about his private life, but he has been open up about being raised by his grandparents. Ha Sungwoon has shown his loving relationship with his grandparents on many occasions, as well as sharing some more personal details. He’s revealed that he’s regretful now that his grandmother has passed away, that he wishes that he did more for her when they were together.

2. Jun Jin (SHINHWA)

Jun Jin has a heartbreaking backstory, as he was raised primarily by his grandmother. Jun Jin was born out of wedlock and was not looked at fondly from his maternal family. All this caused his mother and father to get divorced, yet Jun Jun’s grandmother decided that she would raise Jun Jin.

3. Kahi (Former member of After School)

Kahi has chosen to be more private about her past but has revealed some heartbreaking details about her grandfather in the past. Kahi was raised by her grandparents growing up and ran into a heartbreaking situation when she was a backup dancer. Kahi’s grandfather was in the hospital, but she couldn’t be there due to having to prepare for a huge performance. She soon got the call that her grandfather had passed away. Kahi then contemplated her career choice but changed her mind once she figured that her grandfather would have been against her quitting.

4. Sunye (Former member of Wonder Girls)

Sunye has a heartbreaking family history, as she lost her mother at a young age. Her father also couldn’t care for her as he too was dealing with some health problems. Sunye ended up getting raised by her grandparents and was raised with love.

5. IU

IU had to live with her grandmother once her family ran into some financial issues and were in debt. While IU’s grandmother did her best to provide for both IU and her younger brother, they still lived in some rough conditions.