5 K-Pop Idols Re-Imagined As Characters From “Resident Evil”… Seriously!

Which idol would you want by your side during the zombie apocalypse?

With the release of the newly remastered Resident Evil 3 having dropped earlier this month, it seemed like a great time to re-imagine K-Pop idols as some of the most famous characters from the series!

1. Jill (Resident Evil 3)

Jill is one of Resident Evil’s most iconic characters. Instantly recognizable and a fan favorite, everyone loves Jill.

Source: Capcom

We couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to fill Jill’s shoes than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

2. Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil Zero)

Rebecca is only 18 years old during her first appearance in the series. A child prodigy, she is a rookie member of S.T.A.R’s Bravo team. After her appearance as the protagonist in Resident Evil Zero, she became a fan favorite.

Source: Resident Evil Wiki

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is small and fierce, like Rebecca. And, as an added bonus, we know she looks incredible with short hair!

3. Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2)

Ada Wong is a mysterious anti-hero character. Neither fully good nor bad, she follows her own set of moral guidelines.

Source: Resident Hero Fanon Wiki

While Dreamcatcher‘s Siyeon is a total cinnamon bun in real life, she certainly has the mysterious aura to pull off being Ada.

4. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2)

Leon Kennedy made his debut in Resident Evil 2, who had just started his first day as a police officer when the outbreak hit.

Source: Resident Hero Fanon Wiki

EXO‘s Suho is the perfect fit for Leon because he’s a good guy, ethical, and handsome AF — to say nothing of his beautiful hair.

5. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)

Claire Redfield is the sister of Raccoon City Police officer Chris Redfield and vigilante — because you kind of have to be one to survive those conditions! Claire is a total bad*ss and can hold her own in a fight.

Source: Resident Hero Fanon Wiki

CL (former 2NE1) is a bad b*tch and one we think who could totally hold her own during the zombie apocalypse!

What do you think? Were our re-imagined idols pretty good, or would you have picked someone else for each character?