5 K-Pop Idol Groups Who Rocked The Classic School Bus Concept

What do you think of this concept?

An online community board recently posted the concept photos of both CRAVITY and ATEEZ’s album concepts and criticized them for being too similar.

However, fans revealed that this wasn’t the concept for ATEEZ and that it was shot just for a highlight medley piece. They argue that this concept with the school bus has been common with K-Pop groups since the early 2000s. Let’s take a look at the two group’s photos below:


CRAVITY used the school bus concept for their “Cloud 9” music video that was released on June 17, 2020.


ATEEZ released their ZERO: FEVER PART. 1 Preview video on July 26 that also used a similar school bus concept. This however was an album highlight medley video that was released ahead of their actual music video release that is set to drop on July 29.

| KQ Entertainment
| KQ Entertainment

Although the concepts do look similar, there are also many other groups that have used this style.

3. DIA

Three years prior to both of these boy group releases, girl group DIA released their music video “Can’t Stop” on August 23, 2017 with a similar concept.

| MBK Entertainment/YouTube

4. Weki Meki

Weki Meki also released their “Picky Picky” music video on May 14, 2019 with a school bus concept.

| Fantagio/YouTube


UHSN was a Korean reality show made by Mnet that invited international female K-Pop fans to learn about Korea’s culture and history. They released their “Popsicle” music video on July 12, 2019.

Numerous idol groups have used the common school bus concept for their albums and can even go as far back as BIG BANG’s “Sunset Glow” music video that used a similar concept in 2008.

What do you think of this school bus concept? Fans feel that although the concept itself is common, the timing of ATEEZ’s video being only a month apart from CRAVITYs’ has made it an issue online.