5 K-Pop Idols SHINee’s Key And JaeJae Name As Idols Who Thrive In The Entertainment Industry

All of these idols together would be chaotic but entertaining!

SHINee‘s Key is a king in every way! Because of the special charisma he has, Key always manages to steal focus both on and off stage. Key definitely has a special energy and it’s definitely rare. While Key is one of a kind, he mentioned one idol who matches his star energy!

It was during his interview with MMTG when JaeJae mentioned how several idols have the same type of energy he has in the entertainment business. JaeJae stated, “There are so many people like Key in the entertainment industry now.” Key agreed and stated how before people like him weren’t taken that seriously back then.

People like me were…kind of not taken seriously back then, but I really liked being able to make music and being good at variety shows.

— Key

JaeJae then asked which idols best match Key’s energy and talent in the entertainment industry. Key and JaeJae then listed out several idols together.

 1. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

SEVENTEEN’s Seungwkan is not only an amazing singer but also a variety gold! Seungkwan has been a part of several variety shows and always manages to make people smile.

2. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

For those who may not know, Seungkwan and Seunghee both guested on a special episode of MMGT alongside JaeJae and Key and the energy was chaotically entertaining. Key commented that together the three of them make a “Suicide Squad.”

3. NU’EST Ren

Key continued and also listed NU’EST’s Ren as an idol who has a gift for variety shows. NU’EST’s Ren and Key share a lot of similarities as they are both talented in the entertainment industry. Ren’s unique personality allows him to steal the show and do well in the entertainment industry!

4. TXT’s Beomgyu

JaeJae then brought up TXT’s Beomgyu as someone who does great in the entertainment business and Key agreed! The two really showed their chemistry on Amazing Saturday!

5. STAYC’s Yoon

JaeJae also mentioned STAYC’s Yoon and the strong impression she made when she and her members guested on a previous MMGT episode.

Check out the video below: