5 K-Pop Male Idols Who Have Stole The Stage With Hot Pink Hair

It’s bright, bold, and enough to make you stand out from the crowd!

Male K-Pop idols are known to step outside of the box when it comes to hairstyles and hair colors. In particular, pink has been a popular choice, and many have chosen a light, candyfloss pink to enhance their visuals with the color’s calm and soothing tones.

A few idols have thrown caution to the wind and gone bold and bright with hot pink! Here are five male idols who have stolen the stage with daring and eye-catching bright pink hair!

1. ATEEZ Yeosang

Yeosang from ATEEZ is not known as one of the group’s visuals for nothing and can pull off any concept!

With this striking, bright pink hair highlighting his complexion, the color only emphasized his sharp lines and dazzling good looks!

2. ONEUS Hwanwoong

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong has never been one to shy away from bright hair colors.

During the group’s “No Diggity” promotions, Hwanwoong shined with his hot pink style suited to someone with the performance skills and power of the ONEUS’s main dancer!

3. Wonho

With his cheeky smile and sparkling eyes, Wonho (formerly of MONSTA X) can pull off anything, and that includes hot pink hair.

Even the brightness of this hair color was not enough to distract from his angelic features but instead highlighted them.

4. PENTAGON Wooseok

Despite sometimes looking intimidating with his height, PENTAGON’s maknae Wooseok looked ethereal and magical with his pink hair during their promotion of the single “Dr. Bebe.”

With the different tones, he stood out against the dark and scary concept of the song.

5. WINNER Jinwoo

With his milky-complexion and sparkling eyes, WINNER’s Jinwoo stunned fans with his ability to pull off shocking pink hair effortlessly.

Even with the brightness, it looked natural and made the group’s lead vocal stand out for more than just his angelic tones.