5 K-Pop Idols Who Were Trained In Classical Performing Arts

These K-Pop idols have always shown a love for performance!

It is no secret that K-Pop idols receive training in many different categories throughout their trainee process. Singing, dancing, rapping, and acting can be some of these categories, but this list of K-Pop idols has received training in different classical performing arts before their time in K-Pop.


Showcasing a seemingly easy leg lift in the “Blue Flame” choreography, LE SSERAFIM’s KAZUHA has been classically trained in ballet since she was 3 years old.


If you want to see the prima ballerina in action, check out this pre-debut clip of KAZUHA in a ballet studio.

2. Henry Lau

Soloist Henry was formerly under SM Entertainment and in Super Junior‘s Chinese sub-unit: Super Junior M. With Henry being one of the most popular idols to appear on variety shows at the time, one of his many talents was to play the violin.

Henry Lau on Happy Together | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

He has been studying violin since he was 6 and even took first place in a competition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto! Here’s a video of Henry tearing up the MBC Entertainment Awards stage with a violin performance of Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal.”

3. Haseul from LOONA

As one of LOONA’s stellar vocalists, Haseul has shown off her vocal stability in various LOONA stages. Although she does not receive as many lines as some of the other LOONA members, Haseul was a classically trained opera singer. She showcases her beautiful voice and technique at various fan meets and behind-the-scenes footage. Check out this video compilation of Haseul’s opera training at work!

4. Mina from TWICE

Training in ballet for 11 years, Mina has utilized her talents both on stage and off stage. Showcasing fouetté turns on variety shows or applying skills she learned in ballet to her rhythmic gymnastic performances at the Idol Star Athletic Competition; Mina is a highly talented dancer.

| TV-People/YouTube

Watch Mina showcase a proper ballet performance on the competition show SIXTEEN here.

5. Jimin from BTS

With Jimin being one of the industry’s most talented dancers, it is no surprise that he has classical training under his belt. Majoring in dance in high school and training in ballet and contemporary, Jimin is a well-versed performer.  If you want to see Jimin’s classical training in action, here is a video of him performing a contemporary number on stage in high school.