5 K-Pop Mashups That We Can’t Stop Listening To

Mix or Match, this mashups totally rock our world.

While we love when our favorite groups release new music, we couldn’t help but wonder every now and then, how cool would it be if some of our favorite songs were mixed together in one epic mashup?

Thankfully some talented K-Pop fans have done exactly that!

Here are our five favorites in random order:

1) 4 Walls [f(x)] x Energectic [Wanna One] by 김동우

While f(x)’s “4 Walls” became the song that “eerily works well with almost any other”, our favorite is 김동우‘s  4 Walls x Wanna One’s “Energetic”. Using “4 Walls”‘ instrumental, this mashup turns “Energetic” into a true deep house banger. Plus, we love the use of f(x)’s vocals and rap through the song to give it more “bite.”

2) ReVelation – A 2018 Red Velvet Megamix by Swim Team One

Swim Team One has been doing these Red Velvet discography mashups for the past few years, but this 2018 version which incorporates all of Red Velvet’s title tracks (both Japanese and Korean!) into one awesome megamix is music to our ears.

3) Break Free (Zedd feat. Ariana Grande) x Power (EXO) by MWN

In a surprising mix, MWN mixes Zedd’s “Break Free” and EXO’s “Power” to epic results. Due to sharing a similar EDM heavy vibe, we were surprised by how well both songs fit well together! Definitely something to add to a workout playlist.

4) Burn It Up (Wanna One) x Boombayah (BLACKPINK) x Power (EXO) and Electric Shock [f(x)] by jeowoon

While these four very different sounding songs shouldn’t work together, jeonwoon makes them work so well that it sounds like an official remix. They seamlessly blend each song together that transitions from one song to the next sound natural. It’s hard EDM style makes it the perfect club hit.

5) Salute (Little Mix)/Mic Drop (Steve Aoki and BTS) by DJ Flapjack

Going in a bit more “edgy” direction, DJ Flapback combines Little Mix’s “Salute” with BTS/Steve Aoki’s “Mic Drop” for a hip-hop/EDM music goodness. The songs work really well and give off that hype-grungy vibe we like when we went to get hype in the club. Definitely a song we’d get down to in the club.