5 K-Pop Themed Podcasts You Should Start Listening To

You can listen to these on the go!

Podcasts are pre-recorded audios that can come in both a series and a single episode. The best part is, you can listen to them while doing anything as long as you have them downloaded!

Many have started their own podcasts to talk about their personal interests  such as K-Pop! Here are some of the podcasts you should start listening to!

1. Ask Me About K-Pop

“Ask Me About K-Pop” is a podcast where two best friends talk and dive in on various K-Pop topics from their K-Pop related experiences such as attending K-CON to analyzing songs by various K-Pop artists.

2. Eric Nam’s K-Pop Daebak Show

Eric Nam’s “K-Pop Daebak Show” is a fun podcast to listen to! He talks about various K-Pop groups and songs, and often times have K-Pop artists make a guest appearance on his show. Some of the few guests he’s had are DAY6’s Jae and KARD’s BM.

3. Soju Talk

“Soju Talk” is a podcast that touches more on K-Pop news and a bit of controversial stories, however they also dive in K-Pop songs too.

4. Daebak Cast

The “Daebak Cast” is a podcast that revolves more on K-Pop news as well. They also have deep dive in album episodes where they share their opinions on the songs.

5. This Week In K-Pop

This podcast has been around for a relatively long time, and they mostly release content that show music video reactions and first impressions on the latest K-Pop releases.