5 K-Pop Songs That “Flopped” But Deserved More Recognition According To Reddit Users

So many great songs were released in 2018…

The K-Pop industry is always filled with new releases from new groups and older ones alike so, of course, it is difficult for any soloist or group to get the recognition they deserve for the work that they put into their music. Groups from more prominent companies or already established fanbases are much more likely to have successful sales, leading to a bigger budget for comebacks, which starts a repetitive cycle, keeping some groups overlooked.

Recently on the K-pop subreddit, users discussed which songs were released that flopped despite deserving to be successful releases.

Here are 5 of Reddit’s most popular answers:

1. NATURE’s “Girls”

Released in June of 2020, the music video currently has over 5 million views. With goosebump-raising vocals, an ominous music video, and an addictive beat, “Girls” is the perfect addition to any playlist.

2. Fromis_9’s “Love Bomb”

Released in 2018, over three years ago, the music video for “Love Bomb” currently has almost 25 million views. There is no denying that fromis_9‘s tracks usually are catchy and upbeat, but “Love Bomb” is especially playful, and the music video is entertaining and adorable.

3. KNK’s “Sunset”

Released in 2019, over two years ago, “Sunset” has almost 2 million views. With intriguing choreography, an awesome beat, and eye-catching visuals and aesthetics, “Sunset” is a song you could easily listen to on constant repeat.

4. UNI. T’s “No More”

Another song released in 2018, “No More” boasts amazing vocals and memorable choreography. It is the type of song that will have you nodding your head to the beat before you even realize it. The music video currently has a little over 4 million views.

5. N.Flying’s “Hot Potato”

Yet another song released in 2018, the “Hot Potato” music video released on FNC Entertainment’s YouTube channel currently has almost 300,000 views. N.Flying is known for their playful songs, incredible voices and raps, and, of course, their rock style. With an entertaining music video and such a catchy, dance-worthy title track, this is the kind of song you would be happy to have stuck in your head for days.

Source: @ivenugu