5 K-Pop Stars Who Have Exact Matches In The Western Music Industry

K-Pop idols often sing Western covers and rock them to the last note, but some artists do it so well it’s hard to miss the striking similarities. Indeed, some K-Pop and American artists’ overall singing style and fashion sense are so uncannily similar that it is said that they are each others’ counterparts. Here are 5 K-Pop artists who are the perfect equivalents to Western musicians.

1. Ailee & Beyoncé

The Korean-American singer-songwriter Ailee is known for her strong vocals and stunning live performances. Not only is Ailee’s rich voice and soulful singing style reminiscent of Beyoncé, her curvaceous figure and honey thighs remind many of the American singer as well. It’s no wonder she absolutely shines while singing Beyoncé‘s “Halo”.

2. Park Bom & Mariah Carey

Park Bom has named Mariah Carey as her role model several times and has looked up to her since she was young. To show how much she really admires the American singer, Park Bom (along with Lee Hi) once performed a beautiful rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”. Their powerful voices and flashy fashion sense make them the perfect counterparts.

3. Lee Hi & Amy Winehouse

It’s easy to recognize Lee Hi‘s deep and powerful singing voice that perfectly suits soulful songs. From flowery and light to a darker rockabilly-inspired style, Lee Hi pulls off similar concepts to the late Amy Winehouse. There couldn’t have been a better choice for her than to perform a part of Amy Winehouse‘s “Rehab”—it’s a perfect match for the singer.

4. Taeyang & Chris Brown

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang can blow any audience’s mind with his spectacular dance moves, strong vocals, and incredible body. His R&B vibes also bring another artist in mind, Chris Brown to be exact. Here’s Taeyang covering Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me”.

5. Jessi & Nicki Minaj

With similar fashion senses, rapping styles, and music tastes, the comparison between Jessi and Nicki Minaj is undeniable. It’s not easy to rap like Nicki Minaj, but Jessi took on the challenge and lit the stage on fire with her powerful rap performance. Performing with Hyorin and Ailee, Jessi covered Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Bang Bang”.