5 Lead Vocalists Who Are Main Vocal Material

Lead vocalists are underrated.

Most K-Pop groups have a main vocalist, sometimes multiple, who is in charge of doing the most vocally challenging parts of a song, such as high notes.


Jo Yuri, main vocalist for IZ*ONE.


Some groups, however, are equipped with some lead vocalists who happen to have vocal skills of a main vocalist and could easily pass as one. Here are some lead vocalists who could easily pass as mains.

1. Wheein (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO is known as being one of the most vocally gifted groups in K-Pop, so it’s no surprise that their lead vocalist would be on this list. Wheein serves as one of the lead vocalists of MAMAMOO, but she is still assigned some of the high notes on their songs and has been given multiple opportunities to show her vocal skills.



2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Many might know Seulgi for her dancing abilities and rightfully so, as she is considered the main dancer of Red Velvet. That doesn’t mean she isn’t a great vocalist and she’s shown multiple instances of her powerful and stable voice. She even has sung a duet with Yesung, who is one of the main vocalists of Super Junior.



3. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon has always been an impressive vocalist but hasn’t always gotten many chances to showcase herself. She has a very powerful and deeper tone, which helps add to the uniqueness of her singing style. While she hasn’t gotten a chance to sing a solo song, she has sung an OST with her sister, Gong Seungyeon.



4. Xiumin (EXO)

EXO is one of the few groups that have multiple main vocalists (3), so it’s no surprise that Xiumin‘s vocals could be more “hidden” in a sense. Yet, he has been recognized by his members as being one of the best at high notes.



Xiumin has also released an OST in the past for his drama, Fall in Challenge. It’s quite obvious that Xiumin has been acknowledged for being an amazing vocalist.



5. Changsub (BTOB)

To be honest, multiple members of BTOB could have been put on this list because of how vocally gifted this group is. Many know Changsub for his humor and great vocal skills. He’s released a solo song, “Gone”, which sounded like it belonged in a movie and showed his versatility as a vocalist.