5 Lyrics Written By Crush That Prove He’ll Be The Most Romantic Boyfriend Ever

His lyrics are so 😍

Soloist Crush recently announced that he’s dating Red Velvet‘s Joy!

Red Velvet’s Joy (left) and Crush (right) | @rvvdream/Twitter

While the news shocked fans, anyone who’s ever listened to Crush’s music knows just how romantic he can be! Here are 5 lyrics written by Crush that prove just how sweet of a boyfriend he’ll be!

1. “Step by Step”

This song is from Crush’s 2020 mini album, With Her. “Step by Step” is about patiently waiting for someone to return your love and letting them decide the pace of the relationship. This song proves that Crush is a super patient and thoughtful boyfriend!

Footage from the “Step by Step” recording session | Crush/YouTube

I knew it from the moment

Amidst the crowd

I laid my eyes on you

I found my love

Longing desperately can’t hide my feelings, girl you know

I want you, to be with you

— Crush

2. “With You”

This song is from Crush’s From Midnight to Sunrise album, which was released in 2019. “With You” is about being the happiest when you’re with the person you love, promising to stay with them, and being grateful for their total acceptance of you.

| M2/YouTube

I was clueless, then you came into my life

You gave me courage

When I’m with you I’m not afraid

You are the greatest gift of my life Always good time with you

It’s always good time with you

Spend my lifetime with you my love

— Crush

3. “You and I”

This song was released as a single in 2015. “You and I” is about always being there for your partner and wanting to spend every moment with them.

| Amoeba Culture/YouTube

I’ll be right there with you

Hold both my hands girl

Let’s depart anywhere immediately

— Crush

4. “woo ah”

This song is from Crush’s 2016 mini album, Interlude. In this song, Crush describes the feeling of being totally dazzled by your partner’s beauty and hoping they’re just as in love with you as you are with them.

| 1theK/YouTube

 I feel so languid when I’m next to you

You make me wanna hum

You’re so beautiful

Your bright smile is so dazzling

It’s like the clear sunlight, shine on me baby

— Crush

5. “I Want You”

This song is from Crush’s 2014 album, Crush on You. “I Want You” is about feeling as if your partner is the only thing you need in order to be happy.

| Crush/YouTube

I won’t regret it if only I can hold you

Even if I have to throw everything away

I can go to you girl

— Crush