5 Male Idols Who Became The Definition Of “Mint Green Hair”

They pull it off SO well!

Mint green is a hair color that not many venture into because of its uniqueness and vibrancy…but not these K-Pop idols! These adventurous and fun idols were spotted sporting mint green hair in the past—and they definitely pulled it off.

Check them out below!

1. Chenle

NCT‘s Chenle was always good looking, but this mint green hair color makes him look even cuter, not to mention it gives him an air of playfulness!

2. V

V made it so much easier to spot him in a crowd when he rocked this mint green hair. Even this standout color couldn’t detract from his gorgeous face!

3. Chen

EXO‘s Chen put his own spin on mint green hair in this picture. By highlighting only the tips of the hair in front of his face, he made himself stand out in a sea of people. Those looking for an adventurous hair style should try this one out!

4. WIN

WIN from the newly debuted group MCND didn’t just catch eyes with his vibrant mint hair—his rap and dance skills are also something to write home about. Check out their song “Ice Age” if you haven’t yet!

5. Suga

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without BTS‘s Suga. Suga is one of the first idols many think of when the words “mint hair” are said. His bright green hair perfectly complements his fair skin!

Source: Nate