5 Male Idols You May Not Know Are All The Same Short But Adorable Height

They’re small but mighty!

Similar to how there are 7 female idols who are all the same height, the same can be said for male idols. These 5 male idols all share the same “short” but cute height of 168 cm. They may sometimes complain about being vertically challenged, but fans wouldn’t have them any other way! After all, what they lack in height they make up for in heart.

Here are 5 idols you may not know are all 168 cm!

1. Jinho (PENTAGON)

Jinho may be the shortest member in PENTAGON, but don’t be mistaken. Born in 1992, he is the oldest member of the group.

2. Roh Taehyun

Former HOTSHOT and JBJ member Taehyun also stands at an adorable height of 168 cm. He has a beautiful voice that deserves to be heard all over the world!

| @roh_taehyun/Instagram

3. Ha Sungwoon

Former WANNA ONE member Ha Sungwoon was known in the group for his cute height. In fact, Minhyun is practically one head taller than him! Aside from his height, he was also known for his lovely and powerful vocals.

4. Jang Moonbok

Jang Moonbok gained popularity after appearing on Mnet‘s Produce 101. Most people know him for his long and luscious hair, so they may be surprised to learn that another aspect of his also stands out: his height.

5. Chanhyuk (AKMU)

Last but not the least Chanhyuk from the lovable duo AKMU also stands at 168 cm. He may have a small body, but he makes up for it with his big voice!