These 5 Male K-Pop Idols Are Surprisingly Good At Doing Makeup

Eyeliner, fake lashes, foundation, these male K-Pop idols have conquered it all.

We all know how good K-Pop idols look in makeup, but there are some male idols who are also surprisingly good at applying makeup—and of course some are better than others. After all, the nature of their career as performance artists means that most idols learn to be comfortable with makeup. So here are some of the male idols who seem to be surprisingly good at doing makeup themselves!


1. MONSTA X’s Shownu

In an episode of Lipstick Prince in 2017, Shownu showed off his unexpected talent for doing makeup. Not only did he seem confident in what he was doing, but for someone who does not regularly apply makeup himself the result was quite impressive!

2. NCT’s Doyoung

Similarly, in 2019 Doyoung went on Lipstick Prince—and certainly left an impression. His delicate approach and thoughtful process scored him many points with fans, as well as with his subject.

3. GOT7’s Jay B

In a sweet promotional video, Jay B once did a lucky fan’s makeup and even picked out products for her to take home. While he was a bit more hesitant than others on this list, the result was certainly good! Plus, the whole exchange between him and the fan was very wholesome.

4. SF9’s Rowoon

It seems like after much practice, Rowoon was finally able to show off his perfected eyeliner-applying skills on Lipstick Prince. There were some struggles, but Rowoon was able to create a nice smoky eyeliner that did not look half bad!

5. WayV’s Kun

Perhaps the most talented makeup artist on this list, WayV’s Kun exhibited a surprising talent at doing makeup when he went on the show Pink Festa. Not only did he succeed in recreating some challenging makeup looks, but he also even managed to apply fake eyelashes in one go! And applying fake eyelashes is certainly harder than it looks, so kudos to Kun, who was called the ‘ace of Pink Festa.’ Here is the video.