5 Moments BLACKPINK Cried From Being So Touched By BLINKS And Support

BLACKPINK are easily touched.

BLACKPINK has never been shy to show their emotions, especially towards their fans (BLINKS). They are easily touched and probably feel very appreciative of their fans for always supporting them, even though they’ve run into lots of issues that are out of their control. Here are 5 touching moments where BLACKPINK was tearfully touched.

1. Jennie

Jennie has gotten a lot of unfair criticisms from netizens and “fans” for a lot of unfair reasons. They could be from her being the only member to have a solo song, having a relationship scandal, fake rumors of her being a bully, etc. Add to that BLACKPINK’s low amount of songs and long times before releases, she was probably touched that she still had many people supporting her and that she is a beloved person to many.

2. Rosé

Rosé is known as one of the more emotional members of BLACKPINK and it doesn’t take much to get her emotional. During a concert, she was thanking everyone for their support of the group, including the staff and members who are constantly away from their families. She also thanked BLINKS for always being by their side and supporting them through long droughts.

3. Lisa

Lisa is another member who is extremely emotional and doesn’t take much to get her teary-eyed. During a concert, she had an interaction with a blind fan and couldn’t hold back her tears as she was so touched. The fact that a blind person was supporting them and appreciated their music must have been an extremely touching moment for her.

4. Rosé

Rosé was caught getting a little emotional after they got their 11’th win for “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. This must have been touching because the song was released over a year after their last release of “As If It’s Your Last”, the fact that BLINKS waited so long and the song was so successful probably got her emotional.

5. Lisa

Lisa was in her homeland in Thailand and couldn’t help but cry when she saw how big she has become and how many people were supporting her in her homeland. The sacrifices she made to leave her homeland and gamble of becoming a K-Pop star paid off.