5 Moments BTS’s Jin And Suga Shut Down All The Haters

Jin and Suga will say what needs to be said.

We all know that BTS‘s Jin and Suga are similar in many ways, but they are the most similar in one particular thing; shutting down the haters with no shame. Here are 5 moments they shut down the haters.

Suga doesn’t budge when it comes to malicious commenters as he doesn’t even read them anyway. He let fans know not to worry about him because he doesn’t even really go on the internet. He even revealed that he hadn’t really been on the internet in about a year. He told them to continue writing malicious comments because he won’t read them anyway and they will get sued in due time.

During a press conference, a reporter asked if they could say anything to those dreaming of becoming the next BTS. Suga answers, “I don’t think there is such a thing as the next BTS.” He hoped that instead of the next BTS, that there would continue to be more amazing and talented artists in this field.

Even when a reporter asks a touchy question in regards to plagiarism, Suga steps up and answers for the group. Suga answers, “Our company’s legal team is currently taking care of the situation and our thoughts are the same with our company’s. As for the outcome, I guess we will know when the results come out.”

While playing a game, Jin found a malicious comment from a game user. He proceeded to explain that users of the game should think carefully when writing something as everything can be tracked down by the person’s username. He also explained that their agency was undergoing legal action for these actions and hoped that everyone would be aware of that when writing comments. He took it up to another level and stated that his heart would hurt to see someone get punished because of a comment made while playing a game.

Jin also took the time to talk about using the proper method to make music and to appreciate the efforts made by musicians. He made a direct statement towards the chart manipulation controversy that was in the news at the time.

It’s safe to say these two are truly a great duo when it comes to shutting down the haters!

Watch the full video below!