5 Moments That Reveal Exactly What Both BTS’s Jungkook and EXO’s D.O. Have In Common

For times when you find yourself wondering if they’re actually the same person.

At first glance, BTS‘s Jungkook and EXO‘s D.O. may have nothing in common.

Except for the fact that they’re both top-notch K-pop stars, of course.

But upon closer inspection, we found out that they’re actually more alike than everyone realizes.

Here are five moments that reveal exactly what these two amazing idols have in common:

1. Default color of choice

Both of them consider black as their favorite color — and this certainly shows in the way they dress themselves.

And obviously, both idols looks equally gorgeous in all-black outfits, too.

2. Introverts unite

D.O. is comfortable watching movies alone — he even included this moment of him enjoying himself on camera.

And Jungkook is perfectly satisfied reading webtoons and playing computer games by himself.

3. Anime fans

D.O. was so touched watching his favorite sports anime that he literally cried during a particularly emotional scene.

And ARMYs are familiar with Jungkook‘s love for anime, as seen on various pictures of him watching from his phone.

4. Hard work and dedication

Admittedly, hard work and dedication to their craft is something that all K-Pop idols all have in common.

5. Sweet voice

D.O.‘s honey voice is perfect for road trips and driving to a special place with your special someone.

And Jungkook‘s honey voice is perfect for taking long walks at the beach with your partner.

Both voices are simply phenomenal — and that’s a fact.