5 Must-Watch Korean Movies If “Squid Game” Episode 6 Hits You Right In The Feels

#3 even has a “Squid Game” actor!

Squid Game lured its audience in with its unique twist on the familiar survival game genre, but totally captivated our hearts with its drama! The relationships between the characters made watching them compete and die one by one even harder. Episode 6, or the marble episode, full of betrayal and heartbreak, is one of the most impactful. If watching the beloved Squid Game crew confront the marbles episode hit you, here’s a list of 5 movies you have to see!

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Content warning for mentions of assault, murder, suicide, and death.

5. Along With The Gods (2017)

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Along With The Gods tells the story of firefighter Kim Ja Hong as he is escorted by three guardians into the afterlife, where he must pass seven trials in order to be allowed reincarnation. They judge him based on his actions on Earth and how he treated those around him. While this movie doesn’t have a childhood game at its center, it focuses on family, morality, and betrayal.

4. Harmony (2010)

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Much like Squid Game‘s unique setting, Harmony takes place in a rarely explored environment: Jeong Hye gives birth to her child while in prison for murdering her abusive husband. Because of the law, she must give her baby up for adoption. Her only chance of meeting him for just one day is a choir competition, and so she rallies together with other prisoners in order to compete.

3. Train To Busan (2016)

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Squid Game‘s main character, Gi Hun, goes through hell and back all for his family. It causes him to truly reflect on who he is as well as push his physical and mental limits. Similar to Gi Hun is Train To Busan‘s main character, Seo Seok Woo. While Train To Busan is a zombie movie, it definitely shares the same intense survival thriller vibe Squid Game has.

Furthermore, Seok Woo is played by none other than Gong Yoo, the ddakji man seen in the show’s first and last episode!

2. Miracle In Cell No. 7 (2013)

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Miracle In Cell No. 7 tells the story of Yong Gu, a father with a mental disability who is wrongfully imprisoned on charges of assaulting and murdering a child. This movie is full of emotional moments, whether between Yong Gu and his young daughter or Yong Gu and the other inmates who warm up to him. While Squid Game hones in on the hopelessness of capitalism, this movie focuses on the justice system. But despite all odds, both contain genuine, heartfelt bonds that’ll have you in tears.

1. Hello Ghost (2010)

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Hello Ghost is a dark comedy film that follows Sang Man, a man who cannot manage to commit suicide no matter how much he tries. The reason? He’s been latched onto by four spirits who want to use his body to achieve one last wish. The movie explores romantic and family relationships, and will definitely have your head reeling as much as Squid Game‘s episode 6.

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