Here Are 5 Nasty-AF Replies “Fans” Sent Red Velvet Using Lysn App’s Bubble Messages

ReVeluvs are working on reporting these to SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment artists, like Red Velvet, can send and receive text-type messages to and from fans using the “Dear U. Bubble” feature on the fandom application Lysn. And while these bubbles aren’t necessarily one-on-one, artists can still see how fans reply to the bubbles. Hence, this feature has raised serious concerns for ReVeluvs, as they’ve come across screenshots of intentionally malicious replies from anonymous users. Here are 5 nastiest bubble replies to which Red Velvet members have possibly been exposed — and ReVeluvs are working on reporting these users to the agency for sexual / verbal harassment.

1. This Malicious Assumption

When Seulgi dropped some positive messages to reassure ReVeluvs that the postponed Irene x Seulgi subunit’s debut will be even more amazing, this person had the nerve to assume that the two got “scared of IZ*ONE” and backed out. What a way to be disrespectful to both Red Velvet and IZ*ONE.

2. This Sexual Harassment

As soon as Irene mentioned that the weather is hot — this person took it and ran wild with it. Asking her to take off her clothes and send nudes? This is sexual harassment in its purest form. Why so rude, dumb, and sick?

3. This Biased Shade

Seulgi only meant to explain that ReVeluvs play a huge part in keeping the members motivated and focused. Most fans found this message UWU and felt proud to be of support for the group. This person, however, decided to make this an opportunity to shade her teammates in her face. No one deserves that kind of negativity though.

4. This Sexual Harassment, Again

Irene tried to share a silly picture of the members posing like they’re being attacked by a dinosaur toy. But alas, to some twisted minds, “exciting” only means risqué. This person immediately began pressing Irene for “sexy pictures” — which is ridiculous, to say the least. Red Velvet constantly put up with aggressive comments like this. It’s maddening.

5. This Gross Joke

Though this isn’t a reply, it is equally as sickening. This person set his/her nickname to be “master” so that when the members send messages addressed to the registered nickname, it would read a certain way. To have proudly shared a screenshot online though? He/she must think it’s so clever… Behold, it’s only disgusting and nothing else.

Source: Nate Pann and Twitter

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