5 New Generation Idols You Should Know About By Now

Be on the look out for the rise of these newest, hottest K-Pop stars!

1. THE BOYZ’s Younghoon

This six feet tall puppy-faced idol is Younghoon from THE BOYZ. Among fans, he is already well-known as the visual from the group.


Though his chic style makes him seem somewhat unapproachable, Younghoon is full of everyone’s favorite, aegyo.



2. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Meet the prince. This is Hyunjin from JYP Entertainment‘s newest group Stray Kids. Hyunjin is one of the many team members born in the year 2000.


Hyunjin’s fan base is steadily growing, with fans noticing how well he dresses too! Hyunjin is definitely going to become the next fashionista idol.


Stray Kids’s made their official debut on March 26 with their title track “District 9”.


3. NCT’s Jungwoo

NCT‘s Jungwoo is one of the most talked about rookies from SM Entertainment. His good looks and talent have many fans immediately falling in love with him.


Jungwoo has been mentioned several times as SHINee Taemin‘s look alike.


He is also quite the character. His nickname within the group is the “Hidden Crazy”, so he isn’t afraid to be silly and have fun. Jungwoo could be the most hilarious K-Pop idol in the future!


4. ONF’s Hyojin

Hyojin, who finished second place on YG Entertainment‘s MIXNINE, is actually the leader of boy group ONF. He’s the full package, combining visuals, talent, and leadership!


Hyojin can look drastically different, depending on how he dresses and what he performs. This makes him a versatile idol and fans dig it!



5. Golden Child’s Bomin

This Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Gum look alike is Bomin from Woollim Entertainment‘s Golden Child. Fans have noticed he resembles both actors, depending on the angle you look at him at.


Though Bomin is the youngest member of Golden Child, he has a deep voice that enchants fans. Bomin joined Woollim Entertainment thanks to his rap skills.


Source: 1BOON