5 Pairs That Make Up The “Tom And Jerry” Of Your Favorite Male K-Pop Groups

The cutest tough loves to exist!

Every K-Pop group has a pair of “Tom and Jerry.” The Tom and Jerry pair is a nickname given to a pair of members from a K-Pop group who love to bicker and nag each other in a loving way. Although they may always tease each other, all fans know that all their actions are out of love.

Here are some Tom and Jerry pairs from some of your favorite male K-Pop groups!

1. BTS’s Jimin and Jin

BTS‘sย Jimin andย Jinย are always teasing each other to show the other how much they genuinely care for one another.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Seungkwan

SEVENTEEN‘sย Mingyuย andย Seungkwan are always arguing and teasing each other. CARATs always enjoy their interactions with each other and know that they do this out of love.

3. ASTRO’s Eunwoo and Sanha

ASTRO‘sย Eunwoo has always been a playful hyung towardsย Sanha and the two have well received their tough love for each other. Their interactions never fail to make Arohas laugh.

4. GOT7’s Jinyoung and Yugyeom

The two have easily claimed the label “Tom and Jerry” because of their obvious ways of showing their affection for each other.

5. MONSTA X’s Kihyun and Hyungwon

MONSTA X‘sย Kihyunย andย Hyungwon really enjoy teasing each other to the point where they even do it on stage during their performances! They surely can’t help but tease each other to show their love!

These are some of the “Tom and Jerrys” of your favorite male K-Pop groups. These pairs have their own cute way of showing and expressing their affection for each other, and fans are always happy when they interact.