5 Phrases That Tourists In Korea MUST Know, As Explained By A Korean Teacher

No “ahnyeonghaseyo” here!

YouTuber and language teacher Korean Unnie shared her Top 10 Must-Know Korean Phrases for Tourists. As a Korean teacher, her explanations are helpful and straightforward and it’s always a lot of fun learning new tips, tricks, and phrases from her video.

1. Excuse me.

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

The phrase “sil-lye-hab-ni-da” will be helpful if you need to stop someone to ask them a question, such as directions, or perhaps you’re simply a very polite person!

2. Please give me this.

Source: Korean Unnie

Whether you’re out shopping or simply trying to order food at a restaurant, “i-geot ju-se-yo” is a must-know phrase to help you get what you want!

3. Yes.

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

Sometimes, you have to say “yes”. Sometimes, you just want to be agreeable. In either situation, it’s important to know what to say, and in this case, all you have to do is say “ne”!

4. I can’t speak Korean.

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

After impressing everyone with the Korean phrases you do know, native speakers might be so impressed that they try to hold a conversation with you! If you’re not a confident speaker or aren’t sure what to do, you can always say, “jeo han-guk-mal mot-hae-yo” or “I can’t speak Korean.”

5. No.

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

If you know how to say “yes”, then it’s also important that you know how to say “no”! After all, you don’t just want to go around agreeing to things, right? When you want to say no, all you have to do is say “aniyo”!


This isn’t a complete list of Korean Unnie’s “must-know” phrases, after all, there’s nothing better than learning from the teacher herself. Watch Korean Unnie’s whole video below to learn all ten must-know phrases and how they’re pronounced!