5 More Hints From The Past About EXO Chen’s Relationship

Many clues reveal their relationship.

After breaking news of EXO Chen‘s marriage and soon-to-be born child, fans have showed different reactions to the news. While some were happy for him and supported the news, some felt betrayed by him. Fans began posting photos and evidence online revealing hints from the past that showed that Chen had been in a relationship all this time.

As more and more pieces of evidence are being brought to surface, fans are continued to be shocked at what they are finding.


1. They already had a house together

Korean online community sites began posting photos of their supposed house together. Fans reveal that Chen’s girlfriend posted these photos online and that they have been living together since August of 2018. They also stated that this apartment complex was the dorms for EXO a couple years back.


2. Status Change On NamuWiki

Fans found that Chen’s family status on his profile page on Namuwiki had been changed to “son,” supposedly revealing that the baby they are expecting is a boy.



Not long after, they found that the status had been changed again to “child” instead.


3. Not Forever

Fans found a statement made by Chen back in 2015 where he said, “I won’t say forever, but please stay by me for a long time.” Fans feel that he said this because he would later reveal that he had found someone he wanted to be with forever.


4. Past Reporter TV Show

Fans found a past TV show about reporters exposing stories about celebrities. Fans believe that this story talks about Chen and his girlfriend.

“In order to marry the person he loves…”


“…they refused to renew their contract.”


“After much pleading from the other members…”


“…they pushed back the wedding and renewed the contract.”


“The two are still currently dating.”


5. Private Account Together

Fans found a Pinterest account of them sharing photos of house interior together.




Many fans seem hurt by the news, but we hope that they can understand and respect his decisions.