These Are The 5 Most Popular Korean TV Shows Right Now

5. I Live Alone (MBC)

Type: Variety Show
Viewership: 4.3%

Why it’s popular: The variety program features many celebrities ranging from actors, actresses, idols, models, designers etc. It doesn’t restrict its guests to a sole category of celebrities.

These guests all share one similarity despite their many other differences… they all live alone. Viewers love this program because it shows these celebrities in a very personal and relatable way.

This is due to the featuring of the celebrities’ solo-lifestyle and how they live alone. Viewers that live alone or have lived alone, can relate to the celebrities.

4. Ssulzun (JTBC)

Type: Variety Show
Viewership: 4.6%

Why it’s popular: This variety show is a talk show that is highly different from your average celebrity talk shows.

Ssulzun is popular for approaching current event topics and the issues surrounding them. The hosts battle it out in a debate esque style and viewers love that these issues aren’t censored or ignored but rather talked about in a public, relatable way.

3. Youn’s Kitchen Season 2 (tvN)

Type: Variety Show
Viewership: 5%

Why it’s popular: The variety show is a cooking program that focuses on opening a pop-up restaurant in a country abroad.

The first season opened up a pop-up restaurant in Indonesia and this season, the show will take place in Garachiko, Canary Islands, Spain. The show proved highly popular for featuring areas that weren’t featured as much in programs in general.

However, the biggest reason for its success was the fact that this show promotes Korean food in these areas and in turn advertising Korea in general.

2. Infinity Challenge (MBC)

Type: Variety Show
Viewership: 9.1%

Why it’s popular: Explaining why Infinity Challenge is popular isn’t needed. This variety show is the most popular variety show in Korea for it’s crazy games and continuous great chemistry.

The newest addition of Jo Se Ho has added a boost to its popularity and will most likely continue being the most popular variety show amongst Koreans.

1. My Golden Life (KBS2)

Type: K-Drama
Viewership: 9.8%

Why it’s popular: This drama is the most popular show in Korean TV at the moment. My Golden Life is the only drama to be in the top 5 while the other aformentioned shows were variety programs.

Without spoiling anything, this drama is popular because of the story obviously but it caught the attention of viewers for its added twist in a common theme in dramas. The drama is about a woman who is poor and living a very hard life.

She later learns that she is the lost heiress to one of the largest corporations. She leaves her old life because she wants to escape this horrible reality. She leaves her family and friends to go to her “real” parents.

Up to here it seems like a classic rag to riches drama but the protagonist realizes that money isn’t everything.

Money wasn’t the solution to her sadness. If you still don’t understand why this drama is popular and chances are you still aren’t… You have to see for yourself and then you will understand why Koreans have gotten addicted to My Golden Life.

Source: Star News