Here Are 5 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About K-Pop’s Cutest Couple — Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho

This must be what true love looks like! 🥰

For over 10 years since 2012, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and Hospital Playlist actor Jung Kyung Ho have been involved romantically. And these love birds, with their relationship growing more solid by the minute, have not been shy to talk about each other in front of the camera. In fact, their unshaken devotion to each other has made K-Pop and K-Drama fans believe in true love all over again! Here are 5 random facts about the cutest couple — and the beautiful connection they share.

1. Their Beginnings

In a past TV program appearance, Jung Kyung Ho revealed that a “mutual acquaintance” introduced him to Sooyoung. He admitted, “I didn’t straight up ask to be set up with her, but I did have my intentions when I first met her.” Jung Kyung Ho also admitted that Sooyoung has always been his “ideal type” of woman. That, combined with his 2012 interview about how Sooyoung got him through his military service, can serve as proof that Jung Kyung Ho first became attracted to Sooyoung!

2. Their Differences

In a previous episode of Life Bar, Jung Kyung Ho revealed that he did not eat pork and beef because of a traumatic experience of getting food poisoned in the past. Sooyoung embraced this dietary restriction when the couple went on dates — although she would playfully whine about how she missed meaty meals. He admitted on the show that after a while, he began to feel bad they couldn’t try different menus together. The two ended up meeting half way — with Jung Kyung Ho eating beef again.

3. Their Fights

In an interview following his previous K-Drama Missing Nine, Jung Kyung Ho claimed that he and Sooyoung have never gotten into a fight since they started dating. Though he commented, “There may have been times when Sooyoung got frustrated,” he also pointed out he would have been at fault. He said, “I’m the one who likes to go out to drink and hang out with my friends, so I’m more likely to have provided reasons.” According to him, however, the couple has always been mindful of each other’s likes and dislikes. Plus, Jung Kyung Ho commented, “I feel like it’s usually the guys who mess up, so I try to be aware of what I’m doing.”

4. Their Families

As long and steady as they have been seeing each other, Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have also gone through the “meet the parents” stage of the relationship. In 2017, Sooyoung attended Jung Kyung Ho’s younger brother’s wedding and was wholeheartedly welcomed by his family. Also in the same year, Sooyoung’s older sister appeared in an episode of Taxi with her and “approved” of Jung Kyung Ho — stating that “He’s the only one who can handle Sooyoung”.

5. Their Plans

In an interview with Korean press, Jung Kyung Ho revealed that he wants to marry Sooyoung but only when she is completely ready. At the moment, he shared that he wants to focus on supporting her while she builds her career and accomplishes her goals. He commented that while he “will feel stable after getting married”, he doesn’t want to “burden Sooyoung yet” — and that “the wedding can come afterward,” once Sooyoung says she wants to settle down.