Here Are 5 Reasons Why BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s A Gem And Deserves Endless Love

She’s a kind and talented chipmunk.

Many might know BLACKPINK‘s Rosé simply as the main vocalist of the group, but there are a lot more aspects to Rosé than just that. Here are 5 reasons why Rosé is a gem and deserves all the love in the world.

1. She’s talented AF

Rosé is not the main vocalist of BLACKPINK for no reason and has constantly been praised by people for her unique and versatile voice. Here is her cover for “The Christmas Song” (Nat King Cole).

Rosé is not only the main vocalist of BLACKPINK but is also the lead dancer of the group as well. There have been multiple instances of her showing her fluid dance skills and killing choreographies.

2. She’s easily touched

Rosé is kind of known for being easily touched and has never afraid to show her emotions. It can range from crying after seeing some beautiful scenery.

To Rosé, getting touched whenever something good happens to one of the BLACKPINK members, such as when Lisa reunited with her parents after some time away.

3. She treasures her members

Rosé also never been shy to let the members of BLACKPINK know that she loves them.

She also loves to let them know that they’ve worked hard and that she’ll always be supporting the other members.

Source: Kaneta Tasya/YouTube 

4. She’s kind

Rosé is also very polite and has never backed away from trying to help other people.

She also isn’t afraid to show love to fans, such as saying “happy birthday” to a fan.

Source: B P/YouTube

5. She’s adorable

Rosé even has the nickname chipmunk due to her adorable cheeks and even her members love to play with them.

She also has the most adorable reactions to food and can’t contain herself whenever there’s something delicious.